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Ivy Bridge HP EliteBook gets first review, high performance scores

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'Laptop Reviews' takes a look at the HP EliteBook 8470p, a new computer using Intel's Ivy Bridge processor.

HP EliteBook Ivy Bridge
HP EliteBook Ivy Bridge

We've been eagerly following specifications, release dates, and all sorts of rumors about Intel's new Ivy Bridge processors, but until now, we haven't had much of a chance to see how the chips perform in the wild. Laptop Reviews has obtained a still-unannounced HP EliteBook 8470p that contains an engineering sample of an Ivy Bridge Core i7. After double-checking the chip, they confirmed that it's indeed one of the new 22nm versions, as opposed to the 32nm Sandy Bridge.

Next, they tested the processor with several benchmark tools, both for general performance and specialized tasks like using 3D graphics. Ivy Bridge apparently performed consistently well, with fast performance, low heat, and sparing battery use. In the PCMark 7 suite test, for example, it scored a 4,520, higher than more powerful computers with the current generation of processors (although Laptop Reviews admits that the SSD in their test unit probably bumped the score a good bit.) You can read the full laptop review and testing results here. Since Laptop Reviews is working with a test unit, it's possible we'll see small changes by release, but at this point it should be virtually a finished product.