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Jack White and Gary Oldman join forces for Amex concert webcast

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Jack White and actor/filmmaker Gary Oldman will team up for a live concert stream on Vevo scheduled for April 27th.

Jack White
Jack White

Jack White has been in the music spotlight for so long that it's hard to believe he's just now getting around to releasing his debut solo album. But that's exactly the case, and to celebrate the arrival of said LP — titled Blunderbuss — White has partnered up with American Express for a live concert stream on April 27th. New York City's Webster Hall will play host to the show, and fans can watch live at no charge through Vevo starting at 9PM ET. The event is part of Amex's Unstaged series, which brings together musicians and established filmmakers. As for who will be paired with Jack White, professed music lover and Hollywood veteran Gary Oldman is set to direct the live stream. If you won't be near a computer, be sure to download the Vevo app for either Android or iOS so as not to miss out on the rock.