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    Oakley has been developing Project Glass-style HUD technology since 1997

    Oakley has been developing Project Glass-style HUD technology since 1997


    Sunglasses manufacturer Oakley has revealed that it's been working on its own Project Glass-style technology since 1997.

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    While Google managed to garner quite a bit of attention with the recently unveiled Project Glass, it's far from the only company working on glasses-based displays. In an interview with Bloomberg, Oakley CEO Colin Baden revealed that his company is working on a similar technology — and has been for quite a while. "We've been chasing this beast since 1997," he said. The company is currently developing the technology, but there's no word on whether or not it will ever actually make it into a commercial pair of sunglasses.

    But if it does, Baden says that Oakley will initially target athletes before moving on to other markets. He also believes that his company has a significant advantage over the likes of Google — experience making glasses that people actually want to wear. But while Oakley has been looking into the tech for quite some time, there are still a number of issues to overcome, including creating a "positive experience" when using the display and making a device that isn't prohibitively expensive. Oakley already has at least some experience embedding technology into its sunglasses, with both its MP3-capable "Thump" line and Bluetooth-enabled "Rokr" series. The company clearly knows how to make stylish glasses, but whether or not it'll be able to include tech on par with what Google is promising remains to be seen.