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MOG streaming music coming to Australia in deal with carrier Telstra

Streaming music service MOG and Australian telecommunications company Telstra have announced a partnership in advance of MOG's Australian launch.

MOG for iPad
MOG for iPad

MOG isn't one of the highest-profile streaming music services, but it's been steadily increasing its options with Windows desktop software and an iPad app. It's also apparently looking to expand beyond its current US borders: MOG and Australian telecom company Telstra have announced a partnership that will give Telstra customers access to streaming music. In "the coming months," subscribers will apparently be able to add a MOG subscription as part of their internet or mobile packages. The service will cost "less than the price of a CD each month," and any music users play won't count towards data limits.

The rest of the country will be getting MOG's web and app-based services as well, although other networks won't be covering data costs. Partnerships like that between MOG and Telstra exist in other places (Rhapsody has a similar deal with US carrier MetroPCS), and while they can help increase the visibility of streaming music, they could also provide an awkward incentive for companies to lower data caps, reasoning that users can still get all-you-can-eat media as long as they use the services provided by carriers. Either way, though, MOG's expansion will be good news for global streaming competition.