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Tumblr and Gnip partner to provide businesses access to public posts

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Tumblr and Gnip have partnered to sell access to public posts to businesses to help them gain insights about their products and brands. The exclusive deal is just the latest social network to join in on data mining services like these -- Twitter joined with Gnip in 2010.

tumblr 20 billion 1020 stock
tumblr 20 billion 1020 stock

There's no use denying that businesses and corporations are mining social networks for insights about their brands from the mouths of their customers, and now those companies can purchase access to blog posts on Tumblr. The blogging platform has teamed up with Gnip to give businesses analytics from public Tumblr posts — of which there are 50 million per day for a total of over 20 billion posts. This is just the latest social network-provided data that Gnip is organizing and selling to businesses — the company was the first to partner with Twitter and give companies access to a firehose and a 30-day backlog of tweets. Tumblr product vice president Derek Gottfrid told AllThingsD that he believes Tumblr will be more valuable to companies than Twitter, saying that "The richness of data that we have is more than 140 characters. We support seven different post types, and the half-life of a Tumblr post extends much more than a tweet." If you didn't know it already, your opinions are worth something, and now Tumblr is no longer a safe haven from those looking to gain valuable insights from them.