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National Geographic posts massive, interactive photos of space shuttle Discovery's interior

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Before heading to its final resting place, National Geographic snapped over two dozen high-resolution panoramas of the interior of space shuttle Discovery.

space shuttle discovery pan
space shuttle discovery pan

Earlier today, the space shuttle Discovery made a low-altitude pass over Washington D.C. atop a specially modified 747 on its way to its final resting place at the Smithsonian Institution. Prior to the flight, National Geographic visited Kennedy Space Center's Orbiter Processing Facility to capture close to two dozen 360-degree gigapan images during the decommission process. You can virtually tour the cockpit, mid-deck, underbelly, and toilet via the detailed interactive images, zooming and panning to get a close-up view of the controls, as well as read overlays that describe the various components. After Discovery arrives, these images will be the last opportunity many will have to see the interior, as the shuttle will be sealed indefinitely for exhibition.