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Original 'Prince of Persia' Apple II source code released on GitHub

Original 'Prince of Persia' Apple II source code released on GitHub


Game designer Jordan Mechner has made good on his promise last month and posted the original source code for the Apple II version of "Prince of Persia" on GitHub.

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Last month Prince of Persia creator Jordan Mechner discovered the floppy disks containing the source code for the original Apple II version of the game, and promised to post it online when he was able to transfer it into some sort of modern format. He's now made good on his pledge, posting the source code for the game on GitHub. In a ReadMe file included with the code, Mechner explains that he was able to extract the 6502 assembly language source from a set of 3.5-inch floppies with the help of archivists Jason Scott and Tony Diaz. For those who want to dive in, he's also provided a technical explanatory document on his site, originally produced back in 1989 for the various teams that were porting the game to other platforms like the Amiga and Sega Genesis. Mechner promises further updates via his website or on Twitter, but in the meantime you can watch the process documented by searching for the #popsource hashtag, or better yet, head on over to GitHub and take a look at the source code for yourself.