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Dozuki: iFixit releases content creation and Q&A tools for the Kickstarter generation

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Popular how-to guide site iFixit is launching its content creation and Q&A tools commercially under the name Dozuki.

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dozuki 1020 stock
dozuki 1020 stock

If you've ever had to fix a broken screen on your iPhone, or replace the hard drive in your Mac, chances are you're familiar with iFixit's excellent online repair guides. Well, today at Demo in Santa Clara, the company is announcing it's giving everyone access to the same tools that power its site and mobile apps with the launch of Dozuki — a cloud-based system for online documentation (called Guidebook) and collaborative Q&A (Answers). On top of iFixit itself, the tools are already in use by organizations like O'Reilly, Crucial, and California Polytechnic State University.

Once your documentation is created in Guidebook you can make it available to others in a number of ways, including Dozuki apps for iPhone and iPad (iFixit tells us an Android app is in the works). While the company's offering a free 30-day trial, prices afterward range from $49 a month for a single-author Guidebook subscription all the way to $849 a month for an enterprise-level Guidebook/Answers combo package. If you're intrigued by the idea of accessible, collaborative documentation for your organization, check out the video below for a quick look at what Dozuki has on offer.