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Xbox Live entertainment apps unlocked worldwide to non-Gold members this weekend

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Microsoft is unlocking its Xbox Live entertainment apps between April 19th and April 23rd for any Xbox users to try out.

xbox 360 dashboard
xbox 360 dashboard

Microsoft's Xbox entertainment app usage may have doubled in the past year, but that's not stopping them from launching promotions to gather new customers. Non-Xbox Live Gold members will be able to sample a variety of entertainment apps this weekend thanks to a special promotion that runs from April 19th through to April 23rd. Apps like YouTube, MSN, and Dailymotion will all be free to use to all Xbox users for the weekend.

Hulus Plus, Netflix, and EPIX will also offer free trials to Xbox users as part of the weekend promotion, providing access to archives of streamable movies and TV shows. Microsoft's push into entertainment apps on its Xbox 360 console has resulted in more Xbox Live members in the US spending time watching TV, music, and movies than they are playing multiplayer games. The shift underlines how important the strategy is to Microsoft's Xbox console. Although there won't be any news about future Xbox hardware at E3 this year, we expect to see Microsoft fully focused on additional content partnerships and perhaps even a sneak peek at its Spotify-like Xbox Live music service.