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Tapes from Steve Jobs's 'lost years' uncovered

Tapes from Steve Jobs's 'lost years' uncovered


Brent Schlender covered Steve Jobs for more than 25 years, and a new article uses the interview footage he compiled to tell the story of Jobs' "lost years" between his ouster from and eventual return to Apple.

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Journalist Brent Schlender had been covering Steve Jobs for more than 25 years by the time the CEO passed last October. During that time he accumulated about three dozen cassette tapes full of interview footage (no, not that interview footage), much of which was taken during the "lost" years between Jobs's ouster from Apple in 1985 and his return to the company in 1996. Schendler's article at Fast Company uses the tapes to fill in some of the detail from these years, including the beginnings of Pixar and the failed deal between NeXT and IBM. It's an illuminating look at the man from someone who knew him well, and definitely worth the read for the Jobs completists out there.