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Apple to Introduce New Security System for iOS [Rumor]


Vidit Bhargava

An Indian Daily, just leaked one of the most vital information regarding the next WWDC rumored to be held in June 2012. A report in the Hindi newspaper published by the Hindustan Times, reported about an Indian Boy Genius who created an ‘unbreakable’ security system while at high-school.

The article wouldn’t have been so interesting if the name ‘Apple’ wasn’t mentioned in the Headline. The article mentions the success story of a high-school student from Agra, named Rahul Agarwal who impressed engineers at Apple Inc. by creating a security system for iOS devices. According to the report, The great minds at Apple Inc. weren’t able to find a flaw in the security system developed by Rahul and were so impressed that they gave the boy $2200 and a brand new iPad. Moreover Apple Inc, has also invited the kid to its annual WWDC conference to be held in June 2012. Now, here’s where the interesting part of the newspaper’s report is, The newspaper states that “Apple has invited the kid to the WWDC conference to be held on 11th June 2012″Now, This may well be based on rumors, but there is a very good chance that the boy let it slip while being interviewed by the newspaper. Obviously, he should be knowing the date of the event if he were invited.

Moreover Apple Inviting Rahul to the WWDC could mean that Apple is actually implementing his ‘Unbreakable’ Security System in its upcoming iOS. Apple is definitely in neeed of such security systems since Jailbreaking of the devices has been at its pinnacle during the recent times.

Also, if Apple is planning to introduce its iOS at WWDC, it may well continue the fall cycle for its iPhones and release the Mobile Phone sometime in September or October

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