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    NSA expert James Bamford discusses Utah data center on C-Span

    NSA expert James Bamford discusses Utah data center on C-Span


    The author behind the recent Wired cover story on the NSA's new Utah data center talks about the article in even greater depth on C-Span.

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    Wired recently ran a cover story on a new Utah data center being built by the NSA to store all of the agency's intercepted communications — everything from tweets to online receipts. The feature goes into great detail about the facility — it was part of our best tech writing of the week round-up — but if you're interested in learning even more about what will eventually be the country's largest data center, author James Bamford appeared on the latest episode of C-Span's Washington Journal to discuss the article further.

    It's a lengthy chat, running more than 40 minutes, and Bamford talks about why Americans should be worried ("anybody can be a target in the United States, there were up to a million people on the watch list and a lot of them were innocent people") and even takes the time to answer a few questions from viewers. The $2 billion facility is set to be operational next year, and you'll probably want to know as much about it as possible before it goes live — you can check out the episode at the source link below, and be sure to read the original story at Wired.