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iPhone case designs based on classic skateboards

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A series of iPhone cases is based on designs from the boards of several influential skateboarders of the past few decades.

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iPhone Skateboard Cases
iPhone Skateboard Cases

At this point, there's little that hasn't been turned into an iPhone case. But these cases, inspired by classic skateboard designs, are actually pretty attractive, harking back to a time when the sport was just getting its footing in popular culture. They're not quite as serious as a case that's literally made out of a skateboard, but the backplates feature designs from the boards of eight-time World Skateboarding Champion Andy MacDonald and several others. It's also reprinted some of the best-known images from iconic skateboard builder Powell Peralta, like the Ripper skeleton shown above. If you actually want to use these while skateboarding, you'll want to make sure you're getting the full protective case, not just the adhesive backboard.