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Evernote Chrome extension adds smart filing and shared notebooks

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A new update for Evernote's Chrome extension lets you add web pages to shared folders and helps keep you organized with a new "smart filing" feature.

Evernote Chrome extension
Evernote Chrome extension

Evernote is a great way to save links for later reference, and a new update makes the service's web clipper extension for Chrome even more useful. Now when you save a URL the tool uses a new "smart filing" feature to help you keep things organized. So if you regularly put links from Amazon into a notebook called "shopping," for instance, Evernote will recognize this and suggest a notebook and tags based on your history. The updated extension also lets you add clipped pages to notebooks you're currently sharing with friends, which should make group research projects a bit less annoying — though this feature is only available to premium subscribers. The newly updated extension is available now from the Chrome web store.