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Google TV updated with recommendations, ratings, and more info in TV & Movies app

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Google updated the TV & Movies app for Google TV today. The favorite channels screen now shows what's playing on each channel, and you can pin favorite shows are movies to the screen and add them to a queue that will automatically play from HBO Go, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Video.

Google TV TV & Movies Favorite Channels
Google TV TV & Movies Favorite Channels

The TV & Movies app for Google TV received a major update when the platform was upgraded to Android 3.1 Honeycomb, and now the search giant has released another update to what is most likely the primary app for the struggling OS. We suspected that Google was going to add recommendations to the platform, and it looks like that's exactly what the company is doing — you'll be asked to rate a few shows (one to five stars) when you first update your system in preparation for some Netflix-like recommendations. In addition, the new TV & Movies app now has more info on each show, like whether or not it's a first showing and what actors are starring in the episode. Finally, in what seems like an extremely logical move, the "favorite channels" screen now displays what shows are currently playing on each of those channels, and if you mark down what your favorite series and movies are, Google TV will add them to a queue that hooks directly into Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and HBO Go. It doesn't look like the update is currently available from Google Play, but it should be released soon.