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Galaxy S III: latest alleged leak not accurate, name still unconfirmed; tightest security 'ever' for a Samsung launch

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The Verge has learned that no leaks of Samsung's long-rumored Galaxy S III have been accurate thus far.

samsung next galaxy invite
samsung next galaxy invite

The Verge has learned from a source familiar with Samsung's plans that the latest images claiming to be of the long-rumored Galaxy S III — first posted by Gizmodo Brasil — are not correct. They are on the right track, though: Samsung is using what are described as "generic test boxes" to put the next Galaxy model's internals through quality checks, presumably to allow employees to use the phones off of company premises without being spotted. We're being told that Gizmodo's images are of one of those dummy boxes. "That's not even close to the final design," we're told. "No leaks of the final design have been accurate."

"No leaks of the final design have been accurate."

Our source tells us that security surrounding the preparation and launch of the Galaxy S III is tighter than it has ever been for any product in the company's history. Indeed, the sheer number of supposed leaks over the past few months — many of which have proven to be completely bogus — speaks volumes about the buzz surrounding this handset, and Samsung is clearly looking to capitalize on the hype in every way that it can. Security is so tight, in fact, that our source can't even confirm the Galaxy S III name: Samsung is only using the phrase "next Galaxy" on its invites for the May 3rd event in London, so there aren't any official hints apart from the obvious one that the Galaxy brand will continue.

Stay tuned for updates.