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Verizon drops international data rates with new $25 global plan

Verizon drops international data rates with new $25 global plan


Verizon has announced a new Global Data Plan for US customers travelling internationally, that while not a great bargain in its own right, is most certainly a marked improvement over the carrier's current international data rates.

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Verizon customers that take their devices with them abroad have reason to be happy, with the company announcing a new international data plan that offers better pricing when compared with the current options. The new Global Data Plan offers US customers data in "120 countries and destinations" at a cost of $25 for 100MB. Additional data is available in 100MB chunks at the same price. While this may not seem to be much of a deal when compared to the company's US plans, it's actually a dramatic improvement: under Big Red's current international pricing, customers pay $30 for a mere 50MB of data, with 150MB and 300MB tiers also available, priced at $75 and $125, respectively. If you're travelling to a country that's not included in the Global Data Plan, but is still part of Verizon's global coverage area, you'll be shelling out $0.02 per kilobyte, which is again an improvement from the $0.05 charged under the current option (visitors to Canada have been able to receive the same $0.02 rate already, however). If you'd planning a trip, stop by Verizon's site to see if the area you're visiting is covered. The new Global Data Plan goes into effect April 23rd.