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The Vergecast live today at 6:30PM EDT / 10:30PM GMT / 11:30PM BST

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It's The Vergecast, live at 6:30PM EDT


Imagine a world where it was always Thursday. A world where you were perpetually on the verge of your weekend but never actually set free. Torture. But afloat in this sea of misery — the Vergecast. Yes, even in this dystopian all-Thursday world Josh, Nilay, and Paul would still bring you the Thursday relief you so desire. Nay, deserve.

We will be live from the studio at 6:30PM EDT, but the chat below is open now, so get comfy — and if you'd like to play along at home, there are two amazing fan-made bingo games: Verge Bingo and The Verge Bingo.

Watch live streaming video from thevergecast at