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MyColorscreen: explore some of the most beautiful phone homescreens you've ever seen

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MyColorscreen is a site that houses over 11,000 different iOS and Android homescreens, allowing you to share the apps, widgets, and images you use, or use the works of others as the jumping-off point for your own custom creation.

MyColorScreen screencap
MyColorScreen screencap

Smartphones and tablets are uniquely personal devices, and one of the great pleasures of using them is arranging your apps, background image, and lockscreen just so. MyColorscreen is a gallery and sharing site that lets you take that pursuit from its audience of one and splashes it across the web. Currently housing over 11,000 different homescreens from Android and iOS users, the site displays not just the screenshots themselves, but also allows you to browse the apps and widgets used, so you can use the stylish creations of others as the basis for your own new set-up — which you can then share back with the community. That said, it's a site better seen and explored than described, so head on over to MyColorscreen and see some of the breathtaking works of smartphone art for yourself.