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Samsung NX210 leads 2012 range of Wi-Fi-equipped mirrorless cameras

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Samsung has refreshed its NX mirrorless camera series with Wi-Fi connectivity and 20-megapixel sensors.

Gallery Photo: Samsung's 2012 NX mirrorless camera lineup
Gallery Photo: Samsung's 2012 NX mirrorless camera lineup

We're calling it: 2012 is the year when wirelessly-connected cameras start to move out of the point-and-shoot ghetto. Nikon announced its D3200 DSLR with an optional wireless dongle earlier today, and now Samsung's getting in the game with a Wi-Fi refresh of its entire NX mirrorless camera line. The NX11, NX100, and NX200 have been replaced by the NX20, NX1000 and NX210, and the range now features 20-megapixel sensors across the board. The rangefinder-style NX210 and DSLR-shaped NX20 don't differ much from their predecessors physically, but the NX1000 has gained a more traditional grip than the unusually-shaped NX100. All the cameras feature Samsung's trademark i-Function lenses, which allow you to control various exposure settings with a ring and button set into the barrel.

Samsung has taken a slightly different approach to connectivity than Nikon, however — while you can connect to your (presumably Android-only) phone via the Mobile Link application, you also have the option to access services like Facebook, Picasa, and YouTube from the camera itself. The NX range now features ten new Smart Filters onboard as well, potentially further lessening your reliance on smartphone apps for sharing retro-style snaps with your friends. The NX20 will be available for $1,099.99 in early May, with the NX210 following for $899.99 in mid-May. Pricing and release information for the NX1000 will be coming at a later date.