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Nokia: Lumia US launch exceeded expectations but UK market 'more challenging'

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Nokia CEO Stephen Elop admits that certain markets, including the UK, have been challenging to launch its Lumia Windows Phone handsets.

Lumia 900 AT&T
Lumia 900 AT&T

Nokia announced its Q1 2012 financial results today, reporting a loss of 590 million euro for the period. In it, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop admitted that certain markets, including the UK, have been "more challenging" than the US — despite large marketing campaigns involving TV, newspaper, and radio commercials. Discussing mixed sales results, Elop revealed that Nokia has "exceeded expectations" in the US with the launch of its Lumia 710 and 900 devices.

Although there is no break down of initial sales for the Lumia 900, Nokia did reveal that the launch has been "encouraging," in the US and that the firm plans to release its latest Windows Phone handset in additional markets during the second quarter. Though Nokia won't comment on a specific release date, UK retailers Phones4U and Carphone Warehouse have started to accept pre-orders — with availability expected "in the coming weeks."