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Hauppauge StreamEez box exports live HD video for the web

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The Hauppauge StreamEez box encodes and transmits live HD video to the web for $299 and up.

Gallery Photo: JVC GZ-EX250 video camera
Gallery Photo: JVC GZ-EX250 video camera

In consumer circles, Hauppauge is most recently known for the Broadway box, which lets users stream live TV (or DVR-style recordings) to mobile devices or computers, but the company has just released a new box that's designed for content producers rather than viewers. The StreamEez box, which starts at $299, connects to an HD video camera and laptop, then compresses and encodes video as it's recorded. StreamEez software on the computer (it's Windows-only, unfortunately) then controls the broadcast and streams it live online to Ustream,, or other sites.

In practical terms, this isn't so different from the Broadway: it's an intermediary box that formats and sends video from one place to another. It's also quite similar to the Livestream Broadcaster, although unlike the Broadcaster, it requires a computer. It's also cheaper than the $495 Broadcaster, which requires a subscription to integrate with the Livestream platform, so it may be a better solution for groups with less intensive streaming needs. It's supposed to be available now, though we don't yet see it on Hauppauge's products page.