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Verizon to stop adding DSL customers in FiOS areas, cutting pay phones and phone cards

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On its earnings call, Verizon said that it would be cutting legacy services like pay phones and calling cards, and would no longer be offering DSL to new customers in FiOS areas. It also hinted at a prepaid smartphone sometime in the future.

Verizon logo payphone (1020)
Verizon logo payphone (1020)

On Verizon's earnings call today, the company said that it would be cutting back sharply on legacy businesses like DSL and phone cards. Although it will continue to support current DSL customers, it plans to only offer its faster fiber optic services to new customers in areas where FiOS is available. It's also doing away with pay phones and calling cards, both of which have been made somewhat obsolete by the ubiquity of cellphones.

DSL revenue is shrinking fast for all companies, and 89,000 subscribers dropped Verizon DSL service in the first quarter of 2012, so it's not surprising that Verizon is shifting its resources away from the area and towards FiOS, which makes up 63 percent of its revenue in home wired services. Previously this month, it said it would stop selling DSL-only subscriptions, instead offering the service bundled with a traditional landline. In more exciting news, the company also hinted that it will be offering a new low-cost prepaid smartphone in the future, although it didn't give more details.