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Sony and Regal Theaters introduce Access Glasses to bring closed captions right in front of your eyes

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Regal theaters is introducing a new kind of Sony glasses technology, which provides audio and text information for viewers with hearing or vision issues.

Sony Access Glasses
Sony Access Glasses

Sony is working with American theater chain Regal Entertainment to introduce a new kind of glasses technology that can display closed captions for those with hearing problems. The new Access Glasses can show text in six different languages, which is then placed directly in the viewer's field of vision so that they don't have to constantly look at the bottom of the screen. The information is streamed wirelessly, and the location of the text can be adjusted to make things more comfortable. The glasses also include features for the blind or visually impaired, as they can be used alongside headphones to provide extra audio detail about just what's happening on screen.

Regal — the largest theater chain in the US — started rolling the Access Glasses out this month, and expects to have them available in "practically all of its fully digitized theater locations" by early 2013.