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OnLive celebrates 200th PlayPack game with special $2 / £2 offer

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OnLive now offers 200 games as part of its PlayPack service, and is running a number of promotions to celebrate.

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Game streaming service OnLive's PlayPack bundle now offers 200 games to monthly subscribers, a number which includes titles such as Saints Row 2, Batman: Arkham Asylum, and Homefront, as well as classic Sega Genesis games like Comix Zone. The news comes less than a year on from the company announcing its 100th game. To celebrate this bolstered range, OnLive is holding "200 hours of nonstop festivities," including sweepstakes, the chance to play multiplayer with OnLive staff and game developers, and a Brag Clip showcase to let you show off your mightiest gaming moments.

All 200 games are normally available for $10 per month (or £6.99 in the UK), with PlayPack subscribers given a 30 percent discount on other OnLive purchases including new games, the OnLive Wireless Controller and the MicroConsole. However, until April 27th users can sign up for PlayPack for just $2 (or £2) for the first month.