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Chinese hackers and the Shadow Network

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The New York Times investigates a Trend Micro report on hacking originating in China, following the trail to a former grad student at Sichuan University.

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china hacking stock 1020
china hacking stock 1020

It seems like every week there's another story in the news about nebulous hackers from China infiltrating foreign networks. Prompted by a recent report from Tokyo-based security firm Trend Micro, The New York Times picks up the trail and follows it to a former graduate student at Sichuan University, who's now employed with Tencent — the country's top internet portal company. The Times piece looks at the Shadow Network, a spy operation believed to have been undertaking hacking campaigns against the likes of the Dalai Lama since at least 2009. The organization is also suspected of attacks on Indian military research organizations, Japanese aerospace companies, and Tibetan advocacy groups, using the oldest trick in the book — phony email — to trick unsuspecting users into giving up access to their systems.