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'On The Record': how the internet changed heavy metal

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A new documentary from 'Metal Injection' explores the changes to the heavy metal genre over the last decade, with the internet being a dominant theme.

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A new five-part documentary series begins tomorrow, exploring the changes in the heavy metal music scene over the last ten years. In On The Record, Metal Injection speaks to musicians, journalists, and record labels to discover how the industry feels that music has changed, with one major theme being the massive impact of the internet on the genre. Each aspect of the music publishing industry has been affected in some way, with both label owners and journalists specifically acknowledging that their jobs have been changed by our increasingly connected lives.

"The internet is the one thing that's going to make my job obsolete."

In a trailer for the series, Al Dawson of Earache Records says that "one single change, or influence, in metal in the last 10 years has been the internet," while journalist Albert Mudrian from Decibel Magazine describes it as "the thing that's going to make my job obsolete." The series has some high-profile contributors, with interviews from members of Arch Enemy, God Forbid, and At The Gates, as well as a huge number of other industry names. The first episode arrives tomorrow, with the remaining four parts released week-by-week.

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