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Dell buying Wyse, dumb terminal pioneer

Dell buying Wyse, dumb terminal pioneer


Dell has agreed to acquire Wyse Technology for an undisclosed amount.

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The name may not be immediately familiar, but if you've ever seen the cold green (or amber) glow of a text-based "dumb terminal" in a bank or shop, odds are good you've come in contact with a Wyse machine. Dell today announced its intention to acquire Wyse, which has dominated segments of the dumb terminal market since the early 80s; over the years, those terminals have evolved into "thin clients" and "zero clients," but the concept has always been the same — small-footprint terminals that connect to a server on the back end. (Back when Wyse got its start, those were the computers we called "mainframes.")

It's pretty obvious why Dell would want to buy into Wyse — enterprise is a huge money machine for Dell, and Wyse continues to be a big player in the enterprise-exclusive thin client market (the companies are quick to note that Wyse was ranked number one in thin clients shipped in the fourth quarter of last year). The deal's expected to close in the second quarter of Dell's fiscal 2013, which gets reported this August.