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Garmin develops in-dash entertainment system, coming to select Suzuki vehicles

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Garmin is a developing a new in-car entertainment system that will be coming to select Suzuki vehicles soon, and features voice controls, Pandora support, a navigation system, and more.

Gallery Photo: Garmin 3500 nüvi GPS line and Android app photos
Gallery Photo: Garmin 3500 nüvi GPS line and Android app photos

Garmin has already developed in-dash navigation systems for cars, but now it's moving into the world of entertainment with a factory installed display for select Suzuki vehicles. The system will feature a 6.1-inch touch screen display, and you can use it to listen to music that's on your iPod or other mobile device, an SD card, a CD, AM/FM radio, or even Pandora through a connected phone. It can also connect to Garmin's Android app, letting you view real-time data like weather and gas prices from the display (though this feature won't be included until after launch).

There are also more practical features like the ability to view the car's back-up camera, make hands-free calls, and, of course, get directions. And in addition to the standard steering wheel-based controls for things like volume, you'll also be able to control the system with your voice — and Garmin says that this works for "all of the integrated functions." No specific supported vehicles were announced, but the feature will be available on select 2013 models in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, North America, and Russia.