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Sony Google TV hardware reaching Europe in September, says Les Echos

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French newspaper Les Echos is suggesting that the Google TV platform could launch in France, the UK, Germany, and Spain this September.

Gallery Photo: Google TV 2.0 user interface hands-on pictures
Gallery Photo: Google TV 2.0 user interface hands-on pictures

A report in French newspaper Les Echos has said that Sony is planning to launch hardware based on the Google TV media platform in France in September, suggesting that the manufacturer has slipped on the summer launch it promised back in January. Les Echos confirms that two products are initially expected to launch — a standalone set-top box, anticipated to cost around €200 (almost $270) on launch; as well as a Blu Ray player, likely the NSZ-GT1 it showed off in London, which is set to launch for €300 (or around $400). While the report confirms the September launch for France, it also suggests that the UK, Spain, and Germany could also see the hardware at the same time.

The article suggests that the remotes will have a dedicated "Google Play" button, providing quick access to Google's content portal, as well as access to Sony's Video Unlimited and Music Unlimited services. There's also mention of Google Music — currently unavailable outside of the US — though no further details are offered.

The summer launch window was also given by Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt in a speech to the LeWeb conference in December, where he said that, "by the summer of 2012, the majority of the televisions you see in stores will have Google TV embedded." With Sony the only manufacturer currently selling Google TV-based products, it seems like this is a promise that's likely to go unfulfilled.