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Yahoo makes Mojito web app tool open source

Yahoo makes Mojito web app tool open source


The Mojito web app development tool from Yahoo is now open source.

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Yahoo has announced that it's getting into the world of open source by releasing the code for its Mojito web development framework — and it's hoping to benefit from the community playing around with it. According to Yahoo, the open source switch was made in order to get developers to help create a "non-proprietary solution" for an improved set of standards for high performance web applications. Mojito, a JavaScript tool for making web apps that can run on a number of different devices, was originally released last November as part of Yahoo's "Cocktail" suite of web development tools. And while the company should be able to generate some new interest in the tool with this latest move, it doesn't hurt that it'll also get some free help from the development community, much like HP attempted with Open webOS.