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'Super Meat Boy' for iPhone revealed as an entirely new game optimized for touch input

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Developers of Super Meat Boy have offered a preview of what players can expect from the forthcoming iPhone version of the game.

Super Meat Boy iOS
Super Meat Boy iOS

The developers of Super Meat Boy have revealed some tidbits on what fans can expect from the upcoming iOS version of the ultra-challenging platformer. First and foremost, they've bluntly laid out that porting the original SMB experience to Apple's devices wasn't a feasible goal. The quick reflexes demanded by the console and desktop versions of the title call for precise controls, and the devs claim there was "no way in hell" to faithfully translate that to a touch-based interface (not now, at any rate). Therefore, the iPhone release has been designed from the ground up to take advantage of the platform's strengths. Players are being cautioned that the latest iteration of Super Meat Boy will share little in common with its predecessor. With just a single screenshot to go on, it's hard to know exactly how different things will turn out. Development just recently got underway, but with more updates promised soon, we should have a much better sense of all that Super Meat Boy for iOS will have to offer.