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Updated Nook app for iOS includes Retina display compatibility and highlighting tweaks

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The Nook app for iOS has been updated to include Retina display compatibility for the new iPad, along with other updates and bug fixes.

Nook iPad
Nook iPad

Nook for iOS is the latest app to push out an update that brings it in line with the new iPad's Retina display. Version 3.1.3 offers enhanced words and images that will take advantage of the high-resolution screen. It's also expanded the Highlighting feature, allowing users to select as much text as they want, and updated landscape view on the iPad to support both single- and double-column layouts. There are also a few bug fixes. The app requires iOS 4.3 or higher, but will work on the iPhone, iPod touch, and older versions of the iPad as well as the latest one.

Unlike the Kindle app, Nook wasn't quite fast enough to make it into our initial Retina display roundup, but so far reception has been positive for those who can get it to load. Unfortunately, several people have reported issues with the app crashing or refusing to download books. Barnes & Noble says that double-checking the credit card associated with your account should solve the latter problem, but it might still be advisable to wait for a fix before installing.