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Path 2.1.1 released, 'hashes' contact information for enhanced privacy

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Path 2.1.1 is out, and will now "hash" and anonymize uploaded contact data before storing it on the server.

path 2.1.1
path 2.1.1

The promised 2.1.1 update for Path that "hashes" and anonymizes uploaded contact data is now available. Back in February Path was caught up in controversy over the way the iOS and Android social networking app uploaded users' entire address books to its servers. CEO Dave Morin apologized and the app was updated to allow users to opt out of contact sharing, but those who opt in can now have peace of mind that the uploaded last names, phone numbers, email addresses, and Twitter and Facebook IDs are encrypted. Giving Path access to your address book helps the app find people you know and add them as friends or invite them to the service, a helpful addition for one of the newer social networks on the block — Path will now be hoping to put the whole furore in the past.