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Tablets the second most popular way to watch TV, says Viacom study

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A Viacom study says that 15 percent of all TV viewing in the US is now done on tablets, making the devices the second most popular viewing platform.

Hulu iPad
Hulu iPad

The second most popular way to watch TV is now on a tablet, with iPads leading the way, according to a study by US media giant Viacom. The survey questioned 2,500 on where and how they watched full-length TV shows, and found that 15 percent of people's total viewing now occurs on tablets. The change has largely been at the expense of computer viewers, as Viacom's study says that the most popular genres on tablets, comedy and music, most closely align to those who'd normally watch on their PC or smartphone. Traditional television has maintained dominance in reality TV, along with drama, sci-fi, and sports.

The study also touches on users multitasking while watching TV, saying that "many respondents use tablets to multitask or as a complementary experience" to the shows on the bigger screen. This is hardly surprising given that a recent study found that 26 percent of tablet-owning Americans used their devices while watching tv "several times a day." However, with tools like Hulu and Airplay making watching TV on a tablet easier than ever, how long will the traditional TV set be able to hold on?