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Samsung GT-i9300 dummy box could host the new Galaxy S

Samsung GT-i9300 dummy box could host the new Galaxy S


Vietnamese site Tinhte has leaked a Samsung device named the GT-i9300, which could be a test candidate the next generation Galaxy S device.

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Leaked Galaxy S3 Tinhte
Leaked Galaxy S3 Tinhte

Vietnamese website Tinhte has posted images and video of a new device, the Samsung GT-i9300, which could be an engineering sample of the next Galaxy S device set for reveal on May 3rd. Unlike the previous leak, which featured grainy photos taken on an iPad, Tinhte has a full video and gallery of the phone. As we exclusively revealed, Samsung is using dummy cases to conceal the final shape of the smartphone, but this leak gives us a clearer view than ever of what form the next-generation device will take. We've adjusted the levels of the image above to clearly expose the shell of the phone.

As you can see, the outer case is not connected to the chassis in any significant way, leading us to speculate that the interior shape will be close to what we see in the final product. Tinhte says (via Google Translate) that "Samsung has used a fake outer shell designed to ensure the machine is not exposed until they are published." This matches what we'd heard from an insider in response to the images posted on Gizmodo Brazil last week.

The video posted in the article shows the GT-i9300 functioning, and the big news is this is a Samsung device running TouchWiz with onscreen buttons. The display, from black levels alone, seems to to be an AMOLED, and its resolution is posted as 1184 x 720 — a standard resolution as Android doesn't report the space used by the onscreen buttons. It features a 1.4GHz quad-core processor with 1GB of RAM, which is inline with what we're expecting to see. The battery is NFC-enabled and has a capacity of 2,050Mah. It also has an eight-megapixel camera, although we wouldn't be surprised if this is one detail that changes before launch. The site posted a couple of images taken with the camera, which don't look too impressive.

Samsung GT-i9300 photos from


It's impossible to know exactly what this phone is, but given the high-end specs, we're leaning towards this being a test candidate for the guts of a new Galaxy S device. In case you're wondering about the legitimacy of the leak, in the past Tinhte has had both the current-gen iPad and the original Galaxy Tab prior to their official release.

Tinhte has now removed the article from its website.