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Time Warner TV app now streams live sports channels in New York, Dallas, and Charlotte

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The TWC TV app from Time Warner now lets customers watch live sports from their phone in certain cities.

TWC TV app Android live tv
TWC TV app Android live tv

Time Warner's TWC TV app already lets customers stream live television to their phone, and now that also includes a number of sports channels — provided you live in New York City, Dallas, or Charlotte. The new channels supported include the likes of ESPN and TNT, as well as the official networks for the NBA, NHL, and MLB. There are a few regional differences for each city (check out the source link below for the complete listings) but the majority of channels offered are the same. Time Warner says that it had to deal with "technical issues surrounding blackouts" in order to get the new channels up and running, and it's hoping to launch in additional markets in the future, though no specifics were announced. The TWC TV app is available on iPad, iPhone, Android, and through a browser-based desktop app, and as with before it will only work when you're connected to your home network.