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Path for Android update adds photo filter 'Lenses'

Path for Android update adds photo filter 'Lenses'


Path's Android app has been updated with photo filter "lenses" that were previously available only on iOS.

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Until now, Android users of popular social tool Path have been missing one significant feature that's in the iOS version: a series of photo filters called Lenses. Today's Android update, however, brings parity, and users on both platforms will be able to sepiatone, desaturate, or otherwise modify photos as they're taken. The update also includes bug fixes and a way to delete comments. For Android users, this probably matters a little less than it would have a few weeks ago, before Instagram had put out its Android app. Users on Android 4.0 also have a similar set of filters and effects built into the camera app. Nonetheless, it's nice to see Path add the same features across the board. You can get the app in the Google Play store here.