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Share to 'Drive' spotted on Google developer's phone

Share to 'Drive' spotted on Google developer's phone


Google Drive may have been spotted as a sharing option on a Google developer's phone during an Android Developers Hangout

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At this point, Google Drive is perpetually coming out next week, but one of our forum members has just pointed us towards what appears to be a Google employee using Drive on a company phone. Today's Android Developers Hangout showcased an app with sharing features, giving us a quick look at the options on the developer's Galaxy Nexus. The image is blurry, but you can clearly see the leaked triangular logo next to a word that looks a lot like "Drive." You can see it yourself at 36:30 on the video below.

If this actually is a functional version of Drive, it certainly doesn't prove the service is coming to the rest of us any time soon. However, it does mean that at least Google's Android developers have a version that's more than vaporware, and makes the many rumors about an upcoming launch seem a little more credible.

Update: Looks like Google has made the video private already. Fortunately, we've got a copy of the relevant portion here.


Thanks blacktea!