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DirecTV drops NFL Sunday Ticket price to $199.95 for existing subscribers

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If you're already a DirecTV customer it will now cost 40 percent less for a year's worth of NFL Sunday Ticket.

NFL football
NFL football

With the NFL draft less than a week away football fever is in full swing, and now DirecTV is getting into the spirit by dropping the price of NFL Sunday Ticket by 40 percent for current subscribers. That means that a year's worth of football will now run you $199.95, as DirecTV appears to be trying to capitalize on the many new subscribers it picked up last year by offering Sunday Ticket for free. Meanwhile, if you want to watch games on your computer or mobile device you'll still need to shell out for Sunday Ticket Max, which is a $100 upgrade for existing users. The price cut is welcome news for subscribers who want to watch multiple games a week, and it certainly beats the old-fashioned way of getting a deal — calling up DirecTV and threatening to cancel your subscription.