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TiVo Premiere Elite DVR gets a name change, now the Premiere XL4

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TiVo has rebranded its high-end DVR the Premiere XL4 in an effort to streamline the naming scheme of the company's products.

TiVo Premiere XL4 (ZATZ NOT FUNNY)
TiVo Premiere XL4 (ZATZ NOT FUNNY)

TiVo introduced the Premiere Elite quad-tuner DVR last September, and now the company's flagship box is getting a name refresh. Zatz Not Funny reports that the $399.99 device will now be known as the Premiere XL4, placing it atop both the standard Premiere and the Premiere XL models. On the hardware front things will remain the same, with the newly-minted XL4 providing 300 hours of HD recording to go along with its four tuners. Unfortunately, the device still only works with digital cable and FiOS subscribers; the other two Premiere models can work with over-the-air antennas as well. Then again, if you're splurging on TiVo's high-end device, you probably left over-the-air signals behind quite some time ago. While the names haven't yet been changed on TiVo's website, the XL4 will be available in Best Buy stores starting this Sunday.