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webOS homebrew developer builds new Google Maps app after growing frustrated with Bing

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After growing frustrated with the Bing implementation in the webOS Maps app, homebrew developer Jan Herman decided to build his own Google Maps app for webOS.

Google Maps for webOS homebrew screenshots 640
Google Maps for webOS homebrew screenshots 640

Last year HP rolled out a new version of Maps for webOS devices that was powered by Microsoft's Bing. A homebrew developer named Jan Herman didn't love the change — nor did he find the languishing official Google Maps app to his liking — so he rolled his own, and it looks like it may be better than either of the other two offerings. webOS Nation reports that Herman's app, simply titled Google Maps, features multiple viewing options, directions, live search suggestions, current traffic conditions, and even Google Maps Street View. It's actually Herman's first webOS app, built initially for his own Pre Plus, but in the weeks since debuting an early version he has been iterating at a rapid pace, adding a number of new features and ensuring compatibility with all devices running webOS 1.4.5 or higher. There are a handful of known issues, particularly on the Pre3, and Herman still has a long list of features he plans to add to the app. At the rate he seems to be going, however, both should be taken care of sooner rather than later. If you're a webOS user and would like to try his handiwork out for yourself, the app is available for download now.