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Beyonce still using Porsche Design BlackBerry she received from Kanye West

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Beyonce appears to be still using the Porsche Design BlackBerry that Kanye West presented her.

beyonce porsche design blackberry
beyonce porsche design blackberry

It's not entirely surprising that Kanye West bought Jay-Z and Beyonce Porsche Design P'9981 BlackBerry handsets as a gift — after all, we concluded in our review that the $2,000 or thereabouts phone was little more than a great way to demonstrate that you're wealthy. What is surprising is that Beyonce actually appears to be still using the device three weeks on from when the gift was first reported by The SunCelebrity BlackBerry Sightings has come across a picture of her brandishing the steel BlackBerry along with her newborn baby, and we also saw it in Us magazine. Perhaps Beyonce came for the hardware design and stayed for the Super Apps? We're glad it's working out for her, and we're only a little jealous.