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Some GSM Galaxy Nexus phones are receiving an update that may fix connectivity issues

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Galaxy Nexus review photo
Galaxy Nexus review photo

When Android 4.0.4 rolled out to some GSM Galaxy Nexus phones a few weeks ago, it brought some wireless connectivity bugs along with it. Affected users have been waiting for a fix since then, and while Google hasn't officially released a patch, some GSM Galaxy Nexus users are reporting that build IMM76I of Android 4.0.4 has started being pushed out over-the-air (the previous build was IMM76D). WIthout any official release notes, we can't say for sure whether this will fix the connectivity bug, but some XDA-developers forum posts indicate that this update should indeed straighten these issues out. However, this doesn't appear to be being pushed out widely yet (we haven't seen it on any of our phones), so you may have to wait a bit longer before getting relief from this annoying bug. Hopefully this limited release means all users will receive this update sooner than later.

Thanks bilalakhtar!