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Gmail Meter indulges your inner statistician

Gmail Meter indulges your inner statistician


A custom script by Romain Vialard computes a wide variety of analytics about your Gmail usage patterns.

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Google has been on a quest for transparency lately, offering users Data Liberation downloads, Google Account Activity, and an account dashboard where they can make granular changes to their privacy settings. Continuing on this trend, the Official Gmail Blog has featured a user script called Gmail Meter, by Romain Vialard, which makes it easy to analyze data and usage patterns in Gmail.

Once installed into a Google Docs spreadsheet, users can choose to receive a monthly report or set their own interval. Long time users will have to wait a bit while Google crunches the numbers, but once that's done users will get an email with easy to read charts and graphs of metrics like average wordcount and volume statistics showing how much and how often you email. It will even generate graphs of daily traffic and pie charts comparing email categories, among several other analyses. Saurabh Gupta, of Google's Official Gmail Blog, has provided a video with step-by-step instructions for generating your own report, so put on your statistician hat and get crunching!