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Linux creator named laureate for the 2012 Millennium Technology Prize

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Linus Torvalds has been named one of two laureates for the 2012 Millennium Technology Prize for his work creating the Linux operating system.

Linus Torvalds
Linus Torvalds

Every two years, the Technology Academy of Finland recognizes individuals that have sparked "technological innovation that significantly improves the quality of human life, today and in the future" in the form of the Millennium Technology Prize. One of this year's laureates is none other than Linux creator Linus Torvalds. Alongside Dr. Shinya Yamanaka of Japan, who is being recognized for his work in stem cell research, Torvalds is receiving the honor for creating the open-source operating system that runs on millions of computers, smartphones, and other devices every single day. Torvalds will be awarded at a ceremony on June 13th, where the winner of the 2012 Grand Prize will also be named. If you'd like to read more about Torvalds' work or the Millenium Technology Prize itself, you can visit the foundation's website.