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Cricket expands its retail reach with move into Target stores

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Budget-minded carrier Cricket has struck up a retail partnership with Target that will see its products and plans offered in 1,600 different retail locations.

cricket samsung android qwerty 2000
cricket samsung android qwerty 2000

Things just got a little easier for US smartphone owners looking for a budget-friendly carrier, with Cricket announcing that it will be selling its wares at Target stores throughout the United States. Cricket is known for offering contract-free plans at prices that are bargains when compared to the company's more well-known brethren like Verizon and AT&T. Of course, there is a trade-off; you won't be getting cutting-edge devices from Cricket, but the move should provide plenty of chances for the company to expand its subscriber base. You can find the carrier's phones and plans at almost 1,600 different Target locations now.