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The woman behind Kraftwerk's 3D models talks animation and obsession

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The woman behind the Musique Non Stop video, Kraftwerk's 3-D animator Rebecca Allen, talks to Wired about working with the band.

kraaftwerk portrait
kraaftwerk portrait

If you've ever seen the groundbreaking video for Kraftwerk's Musique Non Stop (below), an image of the band's blue, unblinking, 3D faces lip-syncing "boing boom-cha" is likely ingrained somewhere in your sub-conscious. In an interview with Wired, Kraftwerk's animator Rebecca Allen discusses the exacting process of creating the video and the band using her art to deliberately infuriate the press. She even received an invite to Kling Klang studio; an honor not be bestowed on Michael Jackson or even the band's girlfriends. On the topic of spending hundreds of hours to get the colors in Musique Non Stop just right, the animator remarks "anybody who wants to make frames for every second of movement is obviously pretty obsessive about things."