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SkyDrive for Windows Phone updated to version 2.0, includes multi-select and permissions options

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SkyDrive for Windows Phone updated to include multi-select tool and permissions management.

SkyDrive App Windows Phone
SkyDrive App Windows Phone

Microsoft has updated its Windows Phone SkyDrive application to reflect some of the recent changes in the web version of the company's free online cloud storage service. Version 2.0 of SkyDrive for Windows Phone now includes a multi-select tool, UI updates, and new folder permission options.

Although most of the changes are fairly minor, the multi-select tool will be a welcome addition to SkyDrive users wishing to move or delete a range of files and folders. SkyDrive users who regularly share folders will also be pleased to hear they can now manage permissions to folders from within the application. The update coincides with some recent updates to the SkyDrive web interface and likely lays the file management foundations for an inevitable increase in SkyDrive usage once Microsoft releases its SkyDrive for Windows application.