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Samsung teases next Galaxy, promises you'll stand out from the sheep

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Samsung has released a full-length teaser trailer for its upcoming Samsung Unpacked event.

Next Galxay sheep
Next Galxay sheep

Yesterday, the hype-machine for the next galaxy device officially started with the launch of tgeltaayehxnx, a website displaying a twenty-four hour countdown. Today, that countdown hit zero, and visiting brings up a teaser video that shows very little. There are no shadowy renders of silhouettes to pique our interest, instead we're treated to some rather meaningless messages against a nebulous backdrop, accompanied by a piece from the Mass Effect 2 soundtrack.

The video closes with an invite to "stand out from everyone else," who are, apparently, sheep. How Samsung, which will very soon be the number one phone manufacturer in the world running the world's most popular smartphone OS, can call anyone but its own customers sheep isn't clear. Is Samsung attempting to start a global flamewar by invoking the tired iSheep diatribe? Perhaps. Either way, the next Galaxy S device will launch on May 3rd at a Samsung Unpacked event in London.